UMG Foundation
A Humanitarian Infrastructure Project Funding Organization    JAF Box 8344, New York City 10116    

Three High-Profile Celebrities Needed


UMG Foundation, one of the co-sponsors and the sole promoter of Poetry-on-Canvas (PoC) is seeking to attract 3 high-profile and appealing actresses, actors, musicians or celebrities as Chairpersons: one for the USA/Caribbean; one for Canada; and one for the UK. And whose duties shall be to manage and promote the strategic vision and future mission of the Poetry-on-Canvas cultural exhibition/festivity event tours in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, UK, Japan, Russia, China, Jamaica, Trinidad, S/Africa, Euro Zone and Latin America.

Poetry-on-Canvas was created to generate sustainable revenues, by its co-sponsors, namely: United Metals Group (UMG), Guinea Telecom Group (GTG) and UMG Foundation, to fund humanitarian project and programs in Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Mali, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Mauritania and Ghana in W/Africa and the Caribbean region in the belief that any such corporate-backed effort shall collectively assist in contributing to poverty-reduction in same countries/region where UMG/GTG have and are still acquiring extensive mining mineral and telecom assets through private/public-sector project development arrangements with governments in the said regions.

UMG and GTG are Delaware registered holding corporations. UMG, GTG and UMGF are working in cooperation with the Guinea and other W/Africa governments on several public-sector/private-sector infrastructure project developments. To that extent, UMG/UMGF shall undertake to fund a wide range of poverty-reducing infrastructure projects in cooperation with same governments over the next 5 years.

The Chairpersons selection criteria will not be based on any extensive business or corporate background. But rather, on a propensity for open-mindedness, creative abilities, motivation, diligence, empathy, humanitarian convictions, the ability to encourage measurable progress in assignments for dollars spent on poverty-elimination projects in W/Africa/Caribbean. The selected Chairpersons annual salary will be $1.00 each. But expense accounts, travel, hotel, entertainment, chauffeured drivers and related expenses pertaining to the conduct of the foundation’s business will be covered by the Foundation.

The Chairpersons shall be allocated $1M annually each for their registered charities from the UMG Foundation annual budget in lieu of salary compensation and in addition to their $1.00 annual salary. And the Chairpersons shall be rotated annually.