UMG Foundation
A Humanitarian Infrastructure Project Funding Organization    JAF Box 8344, New York City 10116    

UMGF Project Funding Initiative

To complement and increase its means of accessing sustainable humanitarian donations from UMG/GTG and to create its own collaborative project funding sources, UMGF teamed up with UMG/GTG, city parks departments, universities and corporate entities to participate in its innovative Poetry-on-Canvass cultural exhibition/festivity event tours to be convened in public parks/fairgrounds/universities in 49 states, Puerto Rico, Canada, UK, Japan, China, Euro Zone, S/Africa and Latin America, over the next 5 years. Such cultural event tours promise to generate sustainable multiyear product sales for participating corporations that will have access to PoC’s average 250,000 audience of 14 – 65 demographic expected to attend each of its planned 245 30-day events in the USA; and 505 events overseas. Advertising revenues will be generated from such PoC cultural activities, so a portion of such margins obtained by PoC shall be shared with UMGF as the event co-sponsor and sole promoter.

PoC’s collective cultural events’ itinerary offers its audiences a diverse range of cultural entertainment, including its main feature of the exhibition of Magnus Opus – Volume-One masterpiece, comprising 3000 unpublished contemporary romantic/poetic letters written by a single author which can only be read at PoC events (the works will not be published in a book); and aspiring literary productions, visual and performing arts; appearances of movie/TV celebrity, sports and radio personalities; multicultural/multiethnic music performances; standup comic acts; fashion modeling, real-time stone sculpturing et al. The PoC cultural event is FREE to the general public, nationwide/overseas. This package of cultural entertainment activities will be convened daily over a 30-day period in public parks/fairgrounds/university campuses, nationwide/overseas.

PoC is a 5 -year cultural promotion initiative. Other complementing artistic exposés include: poetry reading; aspiring authors’ work; aspiring painters’ work and diverse ranges of artistic work/performing efforts of indigenous cultural uniqueness. The PoC cultural event tours are planned to last 30 days at each venue but may be altered to facilitate university campus requests for adjustable time durations to honor possible conflicting preplanned multiyear activities. The opening/closing hours of PoC are 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM daily over 30-day periods. The standard artistic exhibition/appearance/performance itinerary features, but not limited to the main event of the exhibition of Magnus Opus – Volume-One and the performing arts, including: Arthur & Delilah play; dance groups, opera, classical, rock, soul, R&B, hip-hop, jazz, country, reggae, calypso, salsa, bossa nova, etc. performances; standup comic acts; fashion modeling and seasonal fashion displays.

PoC event will be launched in the USA in the fall, 2008 (locations to be announced online, pending city permits). And then the event shall move on simultaneously and concurrently to several public parks/campuses within 49 state and overseas, during the PoC 5 -year promotional period.