UMG Foundation
A Humanitarian Infrastructure Project Funding Organization    JAF Box 8344, New York City 10116    

UMGF Entertains Business Partnerships

UMGF is seeking to identify acceptable business partners to assist it in undertaking the challenging task of implementing and managing its cultural Poetry-on-Canvass exhibition/festivity event tours, nationwide/overseas. To that extent, UMGF intends to profit-share with business partners, the margins generated at all such 30-day cultural events. UMGF is not seeking to attract corporate sponsors; nor is any business partnership invitation intended to suggest any such effort; but rather, it’s intended to encourage cultural collaboration and corporate donations. The foundation does not possess the management and professional expertise to fully capitalize on its PoC revenue-generation potentials. Knowing, there are double-digit monthly margins to be extracted from the diversity of PoC’s integrated cultural revenue-generating activities, it needs professional assistance.

As a result, UMGF is in need of professional management expertise in managing PoC’s first-mover advantage in this fresh entertainment activity, along with its hugecommercial potentials, nationwide/overseas. Partnership arrangements shall stipulate that a percentage of the margins realized from the PoC commercial activities will be allocated to the Foundation as the sole authorized event promoter and partner. And due to the fact of UMGF’s limited business acumen, the organization is seeking to attract joint-venture, profit-sharing, strategic alliance or co-development partners to assist it in undertaking and expediting the management requirements and responsibilities associated with this collective national/overseas project.

The Foundation’s margin-sharing receipts, along with corporate donations to be obtained from business entities that are to be realized as a result of PoC’s commercial activities, are mandated for humanitarian infrastructure project development in the targeted countries/geographic regions mentioned above. The primary and supporting projects include: telecommunications, internet technology, electric power generation, potable water systems, railroad systems, agricultural technology, road/bridge systems, railway systems, transportation systems, low-cost housing projects, marine transportation projects, job training centers, educational institutions, medical and AID/HIV clinics, libraries, school bus/lunch/text book projects, arts education, exchange educational programs, recreational centers and public parks development.